The Books

This page contains a list of the currently available Class Heroes superhero novels.

Teenage twins James and Samantha Blake are caught up in a seemingly random terrorist bombing while on a school trip. Many of their friends are killed. When the twins wake up in hospital, their lives have changed forever.

The first book in the Class Heroes series.

Read the first two chapters online, or download the PDF.

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In this second book in the Class Heroes series, James and Sam's courage and powers are put to the test as they come up against the ghost of their long-dead aunt. Why is she haunting Witches Wood?

Who is Sir Michael Rosewood, and what is his interest in the twins?

Available to buy from Amazon UK and Amazon US.

This is the third book in the Class Heroes series and it is a short novella, featuring Sir Michael's daughter, Lolly Rosewood.

Never read a Class Heroes book before? Doesn't matter. This is an exciting self-contained short story.

Lolly has special abilities. She has enhanced physical strength and the ability to control fire. Except, right now, she has nothing but a price on her head. How will she survive?

Available from Amazon.

The fourth novel in the Class Heroes superhero novel series.

James and Samantha Blake have returned to London for the first time since gaining superpowers. They have to pick up the threads of their old lives, go back to school, see their old classmates and come to terms with the fact that there are some friends who they will never see again.

But the legacy of the Super Drug, created by Sir Michael Rosewood, has followed them from Suffolk. And the twins discover that being normal teenagers again isn't as easy as they thought.