Samantha Blake

Samantha Blake is 14 years old. Two days after her 14th birthday she is nearly killed when the coach she is travelling in is destroyed by a car bomb.

She wakes up in hospital – and that is where her life story really begins.

If you haven’t read A Class Apart, I won’t spoil anything for you here. I’ll just tell you a bit more about Sam.

Sam is kind, pretty, likeable and has plenty of friends. She lives in South Ealing, in West London, and goes to South Ealing Comprehensive School. Her best friend is Nina Palmer who she has known since they were six years old, when the Palmers lived next door to the Blakes.

Sam plays netball and hockey, and is something of an athletics star. She has won several cups for 100 metres, 400 metres and 1500 metres in tournaments in London and the South East. Her biggest supporter and inspiration is her father, Roger Blake, who himself was an athletics star in his school and university years.

Sam’s other interest is journalism. She had just started working for the school website and radio station when she was involved in the accident.

  • Likes: The pink laptop she was given on her 14th birthday
  • Dislikes: Not much, apart from Emma Venton, the nastiest girl in the school
  • Most likely to lose her temper with: Her mum, Yvonne Blake. Sam loves her mum to bits, but they have a tendency to argue, particularly when the conversation comes around to Sam's exercise and diet regime

But the best way to find out more about Sam is from the young lady herself. You can follow her blog to find out what is going on in Sam’s world following the events of A Class Apart. Again, no major spoilers, but best if you read the book first to find out what’s happening in her life.