Where's Lolly?

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Lolly Rosewood is 16 years old and she is on the run. She has arrived in London, penniless, alone and - worse still - she has lost her fearsome superpowers.

She is being hunted by the police and the Security Service, MI5. She has no friends and very few people who would want to help her.

Lolly needs money and a place to lie low, while she formulates a plan to rescue Sir Michael Rosewood, her father, who is being held prisoner by the British Government at a secret location.

There is one person who may just agree to help Lolly. An old friend of her father. However, time is running out because the Security Service are hot on her trail...

Teenage Supervillain Lolly Rosewood at Canary Wharf, London, UK

Note For Parents: This book is suitable for readers age 14 +. It contains adult themes. There is some non-gratuitous sexual content.

Where's Lolly?

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Series Number

Book 3. Short Story.


Stephen Henning


Elucidox Ltd


December 2013