When A Film Project Gets More Ambitious

You know how it is. You start off thinking you’re just going to make one short film, with a small cast, no special effects, keep it simple, don’t over-reach yourself.

So you write your script, you assemble your cast and crew, secure your locations and.... suddenly you realise what you’ve already achieved. How much better would your film be if you upped your game? What if you tried for a more ambitious storyline, better locations, widen the scope of what you’re trying to achieve.

Naughty Samantha! Teen superhero bunks off school and goes on a date with DJ Alchemy. I wouldn't want to be in her shoes when Mum and Dad find out!!

Samantha Blake actor Jessica Rowbotham is fond of mimicking me during the shoot: “And just one more time”. “Just one more take”. Sometimes the take we’ve just done is perfect, but I like to see what else we can get. I like the variety, the options in the edit suite. (I say ‘suite’, I mean on the sofa with a cat and my little baby cuddled up, asleep against me).

That’s what I’m talking about. I don’t know if a full scale, pro shoot would be like this, but one of the beauties of indie filming is the freedom to change, adapt and grow a project. You’re not constrained to do one more shoot, or one more take.

So after the hospital shoot, I asked my cast if they would be happy to do “one more” day’s filming. Amazing guys that they are, they happily agreed. (I wonder if they already suspect that there would be three more ‘one mores’?

So with the kind permission and help of Emma Gwinnutt and Simon Hallsworth at University College Suffolk, we went back to the Arts building and filmed some additional scenes for the Class Heroes films and the game intro.

I’d also like to thank the manager at Coffee Link on Ipswich Waterfront. She very kindly gave us permission to film a romantic liaison between Samantha Blake and DJ Alchemy at the cafe, in a scene from Class Heroes 4 London Belongs to the Alchemist.

Naughty Sam! Not only is she grounded after going to one of DJ Alchemy’s wild parties, she’s also bunking off school to go on this date! I really wouldn't want to be in her shoes when mum and dad find out.

And it was a warm welcome to actor Raheem Davis. He joined the cast to play the part of DJ Alchemy and put in a superb performance. Not an easy thing to do that. Jess, Luther, Nick and myself had already become a nice little team from our time on the previous shoots. I was really impressed how easily Raheem got into the part, got on with everyone and quickly developed a rapport with Jess. They had to convince us that this boy and girl fancied each other, convey the awkwardness of a teenage first date, and work within the difficult conditions of filming in a busy cafe! And they utterly convincing!

Thank you guys, you did an amazing job.

Teen superheroes Samantha Blake and James Blake pose in front of University College Suffolk