What Equipment Will I Be Using to Film the "Parkour" Trailer?

Good question. I'm glad you asked. The parkour film shoot is going to be a biggie. Everything will be shot in one day. It's going to be an intensive shoot, I've no idea what the weather will be like, it will be fast moving, and I want to get the best possible shots!

My parkour performer will be doing a lot of running, jumping, climbing, and general stunt work. When I haven't got my hands over my face because I'm scared for her, I'll need to have some decent camera equipment to capture her movement.

So this is what my Director of Photography, Mr Ian Martin, will be using: A Sony nex-ea50eh professional video camera.

Sony nex-ea50eh professional video camera

It's an amazing camera, and I can't wait to see the kind of results it delivers. We're filming around London, and the storyline of the trailer involves Lolly Rosewood on the run. For those of you who have read the Class Heroes books, you'll know that Lolly has found herself on MI5's Most Wanted list. So when she's spotted, sauntering and parading alongside the Thames, right under the noses of the Security Service at Thames House, they send their best agent to investigate.

And because this is an action trailer, naturally I'll also be filming with an action camera. A GoPro Hero 3+ Black, to be precise. It will be good to get some shots from the parkour performer's point of view and maybe shots taken from just behind her while she is running. In short, the closer we can get to the action, the more exciting it will be. And that is exactly what GoPro promise.

 GoPro Hero 3+ Black perfect for parkour

 I took delivery of one of these beauties today and I hope it will live up to the hype.