Red Carpet Moments

To celebrate the completion of my Class Heroes short films, I hired a cinema in which to hold a private screening for the cast, crew, friends and family.

And what a fun day that was. It was brilliant to have all those people who had been involved in the film, together in the same room at the same time. Filming had wrapped by the end of 2014, so it was like a class (heroes) reunion being all back together.

Class Heroes cast and crew at the Ipswich Film Theatre

Here's me with, clockwise and starting with the yellow T-Shirt: Director of Photography — Nick Woolgar; DJ Alchemy actor — Raheem Davis; Will-the-Pill actor Jack Parker; Background artist — Chloe Atkinson; James Blake actor — Luther Lucas; Nurse actor — Molly May Heery. Guys, you were brilliant!

There were plenty of cinema snacks and drinks — naturally. I got up and did a little thank you speech — naturally. And then the films rolled.
Stephen Henning, Class Heroes author, at the premiere of the Class Heroes film screening
I was delighted with the end result and there is something amazing about seeing your work up on the big screen that gives you an added thrill. I think everyone was pleased with what we'd accomplished, and I hope that the films stand up as quality productions, made with love, passion, enthusiasm, skill and professionalism.

If you're setting out on a film-making journey yourself, I hope you have found these blog articles of interest. When I began making these films 15 months ago, I had no idea if I'd be able to pull it off. For a no/low budget short film project, what I was attempting was ridiculously ambitious. But because I loved the idea so much, I just started. And that's the best way. Just start, and have fun.

Can't wait to see your productions too :-)

You can watch the full trailers here.

Thanks to Julien Mery of for the photos.