Indie Filming in London — the Lolly Rosewood Parkour Shoot part 1

Filming on the Lolly Rosewood book trailer got underway on Tuesday 12 August. I took a small crew of DoP Ian Martin and MI5 agent actor Mike Cook, from Ipswich to Waterloo. There we met Alex Pownall and Magdalena Sieczkarek from Parkour Generations.

Actor Mike Cook as the MI5 Agent

Magdalena is a parkour performer and the young lady who is playing the dangerous Lolly Rosewood. And I’ll tell you a bit more about Magdalena in a future post!

What I will say now is that Magdalena is a delightful person to work with. She is very graceful, elegant and calm — and then when she starts her action sequences she just explodes with energy. I found her shy demeanour quite deceptive, and it was actually quite easy to forget that she is a very physical person.

As we were walking through the London streets, we clambered up the large step onto the gardens by the London Eye. I (chivalrously, I thought) offered Magdalena my hand to help her up. I then had the horrible realization of what a buerk I must have looked when I thought about the kind of moves she does when she’s practising her parkour and how she could basically jump over my head if she chose to. Yup... very cool Steve....

We filmed the opening scenes of the trailer in Chelsea and Millbank. Lolly Rosewood, the cheeky minx, despite being public enemy number one is out for a stroll on the King’s Road. But it’s not long before she attracts the attention of the Security Services...

Magdalena was a good Lolly. She’s beautiful, and because of her physicality she was able to convincingly display Lolly’s hidden power. I think it gives the footage a sense of realism when actually you see that this girl really can do things that you or I simply wouldn’t dream of.

Parkour performer Magdalena Sieczkarekas Lolly Rosewood from the Class Heroes superhero novels


Alex Pownall from Parkour Generations and DoP Ian Martin discuss Lolly's opening shots

Indie filming in London is tough. There’s a lot of ground to cover, it can be problematic getting set up, and obviously there are a lot of people around. But it was a lot of fun and that’s down to the people I was with.

It soon became apparent that we weren’t going to be able to fit all the shots that we needed in a single day. Stoppages due to rain didn’t help either.

I’m incredibly grateful that Alex and Magdelena were both up for a second day’s shooting, where we’ll hopefully get all the remaining shots including the majority of the parkour stunts.

Day two will be in September. In the meantime, I’ve got plenty of footage to start editing with and I’ll look forward to meeting Lolly again!

And next week, I'll start filming the trailers for the twins, Samantha and James Blake. Stay tuned.