How do I Make My Book Free on Amazon Kindle?

You want to make your book free on Amazon, but not using KDP Select, correct? The way to do it is using Smashwords.

If you're a self-published author then you almost certainly know about Smashwords. It's an excellent authoring platform where you upload your finished book in Word format and they convert it into an ebook and distribute it to the channels of your choice. i won't go into detail about Smashwords here, there's everything you need to know on their own website.

I am assuming here that you have uploaded your book separately to KDP. This method may work if you let Smashwords distribute to Amazon, but I've not tested it so I'm not sure.

So, using Smashwords, your book is distributed to Apple, Barnes and Noble etc, and you've set the price to zero.

Now go and download your book from one of those sites. I used iTunes to download it for free from Apple. two days later, it was magically free on Amazon too.

That's the quickest way to get Amazon's attention. I've noticed that they only react to activity on a competitor site. Just because your book is listed as free on Apple, their little spidery robots don't get wind of it until a 'purchase' has been made.

Class Heroes 1: A Class Apart free on Amazon

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