Oh my word. The heady summer. Seems like a long time ago now. But I’ve been so immersed in the continuing process of filming and editing that my write-up of our shoot at Ipswich’s historic town hall building is actually 2 months late.

What can I say? Sorry, the dog ate my homework. So a belated thank you to Ipswich Borough Council and David Wilkins in particular, and Cad Taylor from the excellent ReCreate project for allowing us to film in the building.

Heroes on Film: Class Heroes filming in Ipswich Town Hall Council Chamber

It was another fun shoot. That’s been my overriding memory and experience from every shoot we’ve done. Once again, the team of myself, Jessica, Luther and Nick combined to have a lot of laughs while we filmed scenes for the James Blake mini drama (I’m not calling them trailers at the moment. That might change). And we were joined by an actor called Joel Tatham who portrayed Sir Michael Rosewood.

Readers of the Class Heroes books know that Sir Michael is the owner of pharmaceutical conglomerate G-Netik, and the father of Lolly Rosewood. James has a terrible dilemma on his hands. He fancies Lolly, but if he goes with her he will alienate his twin sister and best friend Samantha.

What would you do? Go for a girl that you know is bad through and through, and stay loyal to your sis?

Or give over to your heart’s desire and risk destroying one of the most important relationships in your life?

You’ll have to read the books and watch the films to find out :-)

James Blake's dilemma. Loyalty to his sister? Or choose his girlfriend Sam (pictured), or the daughter of Sir Michael Rosewood