The First Class Heroes Superhero Short Films - now online

It took a year. But finally I got there. The Class Heroes trailers / mini movies are complete. And it's been a blast. Now you watch this exciting young adult thriller series brought to life.

If you've followed my blog posts, charting the filmmaking process, the casting, the shoots, the additional shoots, the edits post production, you'll get just how much I'ved making these short films.

Don't worry, I'm not going to waffle on or do a gushing 'thank you' Oscar speech. I just want to say.... Hurrah.

You've heard a lot about them. Now you can watch them.

So first off, it's a movie-style trailer. An introduction to Samantha and James Blake. It's 2 minutes long. Enjoy. And then, straight after, it's "Who is Samantha Blake?" 14-year old Sam has a secret to tell you...