The Sound of the Underground

And other foley sounds, sound effects, and the film score itself! This, out of everything in the production of my Class Heroes films, was the thing I was dreading the most. Sound design is probably one of the most important elements of any film. And I’m not a sound designer. So thank goodness for a massive dose of luck, just when I needed it!

A friend of a friend introduced me to Fuzzybeard Productions. I met James Cannell and discussed with him the kind of music that I thought might fit the films. At that stage, there were only 3 movies and they existed only as very rough edits with lots of scenes not yet shot.

Lolly Rosewood from Superhero Novel "Where's Lolly?"

Over the last 2 months or so, James has been putting together sounds, cleaning up the audio, and working on ideas for the score. And right now, things are taking shape nicely. The Lolly Rosewood movie is complete, sound design and all, while work on the music for the James film is well underway.

Thanks again to my actors for the redubs they provided on their own dialogue. Taking good audio on location sometimes proved to be beyond the means of my modest budget, so I’m grateful to their abilities to recapture the mood of the scene in ADR.

Getting foley sounds right for a movie

So that’s three of the four films covered. The movie-style trailer itself also has it’s own excellent soundtrack, thanks to the very talented Mr James Newstead (Twitter: beatsworking). Scoring a trailer is a very different beast to any other type of music. (I say that. I don’t know. Might not be, I’m no musical expert.) And he did a fantastic job of ramping up the power, the beats, the emotions and the impact of all the scenes.

Thanks to all you guys. The time draws near....

And if you want to read how things started for teenage superheroes James and Sam, well why not start here with book 1, A Class Apart. It’s free on and