The Day We Filmed in A Hospital

That's right. I still can't believe that I was given permission to use an entire ward in Ipswich Hospital in which to film the Class Heroes mini movies. This is what Indie Filmmaking is all about!

It was back in September 2014 that the Class Heroes team descended on our ready-made hospital set. In book 1, A Class Apart, James and Sam are hospitalised after their school bus is blown up — and that was a scene I really wanted to dramatise. My problem was, how do I find a hospital set when I have zero budget?

When I first started kicking around ideas for possible locations, I thought that, at best, I might be able to find a room that could pass for a ward if you squint with one eye and film in close up. By this time, I’d already started filming.

We’d done scenes at the twins’ school, in Witches Wood, in Sir Michael’s country manor, and on the streets of London. So I felt under pressure to come up with the locations that the remainder of the script called for.

I got the inspiration at 4am. I remembered somebody whom I could approach at Ipswich Hospital who just might be able to help. And she did, by the end of that working day. Amazing. And so I owe a very big thanks to those very supportive people at Ipswich Hospital who gave up their time to support me, and thanks to them we filmed our own version of X-Men meets ER.

We had our usual cast of Jess and Luther, filmed by me and Nick. And this time we had a big supporting cast of young superstars who played the parts of Sam and James's classmates/victims/unwitting zombies.

So a big thank you to:

  • Molly Heery
  • Alex Picton
  • Harrison Shorten
  • Jamie Lee Renn
  • Caterina Lucock
  • Nathan Butters
  • Rebecca Broughton
  • Jasmin Cook
  • Danny Casselden

And the part of the doctor went to Mr Graham Cleaver.

And I’d also like to thank my good friend Mr Andrew Butters for his help in looking after the troops and helping with the filming. It was a top day.

Enjoy the little snippet of the action from our day.