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Class Heroes book 2, What Happened in Witches Wood is part of the summer sale on online book retailer Smashwords' website.

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How do I Make My Book Free on Amazon Kindle?

You want to make your book free on Amazon, but not using KDP Select, correct? The way to do it is using Smashwords.

If you're a self-published author then you almost certainly know about Smashwords. It's an excellent authoring platform where you upload your finished book in Word format and they convert it into an ebook and distribute it to the channels of your choice. i won't go into detail about Smashwords here, there's everything you need to know on their own website.

New Cover for A Class Apart

I fancied sprucing up the cover to Class Heroes book 1, A Class Apart. The original cover was produced by the excellent Andrew Clarke (and that cover remains my wife's favourite, to date!).

But I thought it was time for a change, and I really wanted to get James and Samantha onto the front cover of the first book, so people browsing for the book on Amazon, Kobo, Apple, Barnes & Noble etc, would be hit by Andrew Skilleter's brilliant artwork. I want people to see the cover and instantly take to the twins.

So here it is, the revamped cover for a A Class Apart.

A Class Apart Featured on Bargain Booksy – $0.99 or £0.77

Thanks to Bargain Booksy – the website that features top-rated ebooks on Kindle, Kobo and other retailers – for featuring my young adult thriller A Class Apart which is currently at the bargain price of $0.99 and £0.77.

A Class Apart is a full length novel, featuring the superhero universe's two latest members, James and Samantha Blake.

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First off, I want to say a big thank you to everyone who has bought / read / reviewed / enjoyed a Class Heroes book, and in some way or other supported me in the creation of this series. I really am very grateful.

The Fussy Librarian

No, not the name of a new superhero. But a service for book lovers to help them discover new books!

I submitted the Class Heroes books to the site and I am happy to say they have featured the series already. They'll soon be sending out a promotional mail about A Class Apart to their large subscriber base. Hurrah.

The Security Service (MI5) File on Lolly Rosewood

Lolly Rosewood has become MI5’s public enemy number one. The current UK terror threat level that she poses has been raised to ‘Severe’.

Miss Rosewood is the daughter of the disgraced tycoon Sir Michael Rosewood, currently being held under the Prevention of Terrorism Act 2005.

MI5 file. Top secret. Lolly Rosewood is the UK public enemy number 1.

Where's Lolly? Free Ebook Available on Kindle Wednesday 15 to Thursday 16 January 2014

Yes, you read that correctly. This is your chance to get your hands on book 3 in the Class Heroes superhero novel series.

It's available on Amazon Kindle, 15 January – 16 January 2014. Make sure the book is free before you download.

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Amazon UK

Inspiration for Writing: Keeping it Real

In a previous blog post, I talked about how real life events and locations are an inspiration for writers. There was a rather unusual event that happened in the village that I grew up in, that led me to write a scene in Class Heroes #2, What Happened in Witches Wood.

Capel St Mary Post Office, United Kingdom

Where's Lolly? The Superhero Novella Available on Amazon and Kobo

It's still being serialized on Wattpad, but if you can't wait to find out how Lolly Rosewood's adventure works out, this superhero novella is now available on Amazon and Kobo.